Whole Life Cost-Benefit Analysis for Median Safety Barriers Task 1 - Relocation of Services - Executive Summary


TRL Limited has been commissioned by National Highways to evaluate and report on the true costs associated with the relocation of services (drainage, communication cables, electrical cables, lighting columns etc.) in the median when replacing steel safety fences with concrete safety barriers.

Executive Summary

TRL Limited has been commissioned by National Highways to identify, investigate and report on a number of case studies in which a relocation of services has been required within the median.

In order to obtain detailed information relating to such relocation, one area of the National Highways' Network, the M25 Sphere, was identified, and details of Works involving the movement and/or replacement of services were collated.  From this list of case studies, the following were selected for further analysis:

In each case, details of the Works completed were collated and the associated costs obtained. 

In addition a letter was also distributed to all of National Highways' regional Traffic Operations Departments, their Agents and their Term Maintenance Contractors. 

The report concludes that the costs associated with an incident are highly dependant on the impact parameters surrounding the incident, and the costs associated with the individual costs associated with repairs, traffic delay and the severity of the resulting injuries caused by the incident.  Each potential hazard should be assessed on a case-by-case basis and each of these factors quantified using a statistical approach, including the implementation of a risk analysis procedure.