Eurocodes: National Highways' role in Eurocodes

Implementation of Eurocodes

As a public body, National Highways expresses its requirements for the design of new and modification of existing structures (including geotechnical works) in terms of Eurocodes. The Agency’s technical experts were involved in the drafting of the Eurocodes and the National Annexes.

The Agency, along with a number of leading consultants, examined the potential impact of Eurocodes during their development and in 2003 the Agency awarded framework contracts to Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) and Atkins to assist with the implementation.

The objectives of the Agency's project were:

Institution of Structural Engineers: Standing Committee for the Implementation of Eurocodes

The Institution of Structural Engineers established the Standing Committee in response to a recommendation in the (Opens new window) report prepared by the Institution for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The report called for a group to be established to monitor all aspects of the process of implementation of the Eurocodes and to advise on changes to the strategy that will be necessary as the process progresses.

The Standing Committee was an Institution committee, and acted on behalf of the structural engineering community involving representatives from a wide range of organisations covering all sectors of the industry. The committee sat between December 2004 and September 2010.

Sibdas Chakrabarti represented National Highways on the Committee.

Since the implementation of Eurocodes the committee’s work has become part of the activities of the Engineering Practice Committee. Further details may be obtained from the (Opens new window) Institution of Structural Engineers website.