Strategic Activities

Stakeholder Management Strategy

The purpose of the Stakeholder Management Strategy (SMS) is to ensure internal and external organisations participate and support the successful delivery of the pilot schemes. This will be achieved through the planned strategic management of defined stakeholders.

The specific goals and objectives of the SMS are to:

The SMS will address the organisations responsible for the processes, people and policies/environments that will be affected by the pilot, consistently adopting the Agency’s ‘Tone of Voice’, and will focus on ensuring the co-operation of all the stakeholder’s people and policies.

General Approach/Principles

The SMS seeks to achieve stakeholder commitment mainly through communication and influence. Using various techniques the strategy will be utilised to ensure stakeholders progression up the communications and commitment chain. Figure 3.1 depicts the key stages in achieving stakeholder commitment and some possible activities to achieve this.

Figure A.2 - Communication and Commitment Chain

Dependent upon the specific stakeholder, progression up the chain should be achieved using the activities outlined in the figure. Broadly speaking these can be categorised into the following instruments: 

In addition the SMS address the requirement for stakeholder management at various levels. It is recognised from experience that gaining ‘board level’ support is insufficient to achieve commitment at an ‘implementation level’.

The strategy would detail the management plan for each stakeholder with regard to where on the communication and commitment chain each identified stakeholder currently lies and where, accounting for impact/risk, it is preferred they reside.

The SMS would provide a framework for stakeholder management during the definition, design, development and implementation of the pilot. It will also provide an on-going structure that can be used for the scheme’s operation.

The SMS will seek to address negative changes in the stakeholders’ commitment. The most likely sources of a negative change in commitment are:

By regular communication and feedback with the stakeholders these reactions should be predictable and mitigating measures can be taken.