Stage 5: Completion and Dissemination

Strategic Actions associated with this stage. It is essential that the completion point in time of a pilot is clearly identifiable. This step will also ensure that should the innovation remain in place beyond the pilot end point that any relevant handover information is provided to the parties responsible for the ongoing maintenance and support for the pilot term. Following its completion the lessons learnt at each and every previous stage will be collated and assessed. From the lessons learnt it is essential that these are disseminated to other interested parties. Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage. Stage 4 Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4


Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage include:

  1. Communication plan – publicity etc.
  2. Lessons learnt
  3. Input to standards
  4. Maintenance plan
  5. Handover documentation
  6. Business plan review
  7. Risk review