Stage 5: Completion and Dissemination

Strategic Actions associated with this stage. It is essential that the completion point in time of a pilot is clearly identifiable. This step will also ensure that should the innovation remain in place beyond the pilot end point that any relevant handover information is provided to the parties responsible for the ongoing maintenance and support for the pilot term. Following its completion the lessons learnt at each and every previous stage will be collated and assessed. From the lessons learnt it is essential that these are disseminated to other interested parties. Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage. Stage 4 Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

Step 5.2 - Lessons Learnt

The completion point of a pilot provides the opportunity for the overall outcome of the project to be reviewed. Consideration could be given, for example, to whether the initial aims and objectives and the contract conditions have been realised. It provides an opportunity to consider if these were too restrictive or alternatively not constrained enough.

The project completion is also the time to consider such aspects as what external factors outside the immediate scope of the pilot have changed that may have affected its outcome. This review should cover a broad range of issues extending through, but not limited to, any political, environmental or social aspects. This would include a review of the business case to check that the justification of the project was realistic and the expected benefits are being delivered.

The lessons learnt may also consider and subsequently develop the need for formal Standards/Advice Notes, although these will normally only be appropriate for successful outcomes.

A review of how all the stakeholders worked together is also appropriate at this stage. Consideration should be given, for example, as to whether their expectations have been realised or tempered as appropriate? Were they kept informed about progress throughout the pilot? Were any additional stakeholders identified as the pilot progressed?

The project completion is also the opportunity and time to consider what would have been done differently. What risks were envisaged that did not materialise, what health and safety or environmental issues arose, etc,

Consideration as to how the Agency has improved its core skills and capabilities should also be assessed. Does the Agency have additional tools and equipment that can now be widely deployed or are there limitations as to its use that should also be considered? Did the HA achieve the financial objectives?

All the lessons learnt should be summarised and recommendations made for any future application and importantly the resultant summary report should state how extensively the pilot met its objectives. It is important to recognise that not all lessons learnt will be positive and it is as equally important to ensure that that there is broad awareness of any negative aspects.