Stage 0: Feasibility

Strategic Actions associated with this stage.. Through this step the following activities, would be addressed: a literature review, alternative option investigation, determination of possible impacts and effects on the current network, data collection issues, and outline cost benefit considerations. This step requires that the PT1 form be completed and approved before progressing any further. At the completion of Stage 0 consideration must be given to the ongoing feasibility of piloting the innovation. This will be summarised within the preliminary business case confirming the overall strategic fit and its business need. The extent and depth of this review will be appropriate for the scale of the innovation under consideration. For larger pilots this may involve an OGC Gateway 1 – Business Justification Review. For smaller pilots this may not be appropriate but the review should demonstrate that options have been identified and appraised and also affordability, achievability and value for money established. Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage. Stage 5 Stage 1


Typical outputs that might be expected from this stage include:

  1. Feasibility report 
  2. Business case 
  3. Outline project programme
  4. Outline stakeholder management strategy
  5. Outline risk management plan
  6. Approval Form (PT1)

    The size and scale of the pilot will determine the extent to which each of these outputs is developed. It is expected that all these aspects will have been considered and form part of the overall stage review prior to continuation to Stage 1 or alternatively the termination of the pilot at Stage 0.