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August 2021 update :

Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works


Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works: Volume Contents Pages and Volume Index August 2021 0.0.2, supersedes Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works: Volume Contents Pages and Volume Index July 2021


IAN99/07 - Superseded by GG953
Volume 5 - Section 1 - Parts 1-4

Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works: Volume Contents Pages and Volume Index July 2021 superseded by Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works: Volume Contents Pages and Volume Index August 2021

DMRB content has been updated as of 1 April 2020

The way you navigate DMRB documents has been updated to reflect the new Discipline and Lifecycle structure introduced alongside a complete content refresh. Using any DMRB links within this site will take you to the new content. The new content has a new look and feel and includes new search and archive functionality.

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Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

The DMRB was introduced in 1992 in England and Wales, and later in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It includes all current standards, advice notes and other documents relating to the design, assessment and operation of trunk roads, including motorways.

The DMRB has been developed from many separate series of documents previously published by the overseeing organisations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These documents, together with later additions, have been gathered together in 15 volumes to help road transport professionals meet the requirements of quality assurance procedures.

Please note: An alpha numeric Index for the complete DMRB can be found in Volume 0 Section 1 Part 1.

A transition document to assist users in moving to the new reference system can be found here

Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works

The MCHW, first published in 1992, consists of six volumes including the administrative procedures for its use, the Specification for Highway Works and its corresponding Method of Measurement. The MCHW incorporates the requirements of EU legislation, which are mandatory for all public procurement bodies.

Interim Advice Notes

IANs are issued by National Highways from time to time. They contain specific guidance, which shall be used only in connection with works on motorways and trunk roads in England, subject to any specific implementation instructions contained within an IAN.

While IANs must be read together with the DMRB and MCHW for works on motorways and trunk roads, and may incorporate amendments or additions to documents in these publications, they are not part of the DMRB or the MCHW.

Routine and Winter Service Code

The term ‘routine and winter service’ is used in this publication to describe the requirements for the routine maintenance work that is carried out on trunk roads every winter.

The RWSC replaces Volume 2 of the Trunk Road Maintenance Manual. It covers the performance requirements for highways and structures and operational winter service on the motorway and trunk road network. Please note that the RWSC does not absolve service providers of any of their obligations to comply with legal and legislative requirements: this publication is designed to ensure compliance with all relevant standards and codes of practice. Much of the work is covered by many different types of contracts, including those between managing agents, contractors, maintenance and term maintenance contractors. Where routine and winter service activities are not covered by a lump sum payment, the RWSC should be read together with the Network Maintenance Manual (see below).

Network Maintenance Manual

The NMM replaces Volumes 1 and 3 of the Trunk Road Maintenance Manual. It provides advice, mandatory instructions and guidance on good practice for the management and provision of the routine and winter service on the trunk road network. It describes the processes for the management of the maintenance service including the interface between National Highways, its service providers and other stakeholders.

The performance requirements for routine and winter service activities on the trunk road network are included in the RWSC (see above). The NMM, together with the RWSC, provides advice and guidance to enable service providers to achieve their performance requirements.

Technology Management and Maintenance Manual

The TMMM sets out National Highways' requirements for the management and maintenance of traffic technology systems.

Traffic Systems and Signing Plans Registry

The TSS Plans Registry at contains unpriced National Highways documents in the field of traffic systems and signing.

Future Documents Intro

Information on forthcoming DMRB and MCHW documents including ISBN, date of publication and price.


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