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The Standards for Highways website is undergoing a refresh, starting with the DMRB. These changes are aiming to provide an easier and more convenient service.

DMRB training resources

To assist users of the DMRB in understanding how the documents have changed, the following training materials have been made available. We will continue to add to these resources as new training material is developed, so please check here regularly for updates.

Recorded webinars: 

  1. Introduction to the Digital DMRB – 30-minute recorded webinar
  2. DMRB awareness webinars (discipline specific)

DMRB briefing notes (discipline specific): 

  1. Pavements - February 2020
  2. Structures - June 2020
  3. Road layout - July 2020


Change from 'revision numbers' to 'version numbers'

You will notice a change in language from revision number to version number and the introduction of a 3 point number for all newly published DMRB standards documents from March 2021 onwards. The change has been made alongside improvements to our governance process and how we categorise updates to standards. 

To make it clearer about what type of change has been made, the standards documents will be versioned as follows:

  • New documents/major revision/policy change - 1.0.0 (The first number 1.0.0 represents the first publication of a new document, a major revision to a standards document, or a change to policy)
  • Changes to requirements clauses X.1.0 (The second number represents a change to requirements but not a wholesale update, and the first number stays the same as it was previously as this is not a major revision)
  • Changes to advice clauses or notes/spelling mistakes X.X.1 (The third number represents a more minor change to the standards document and the first and second number stay the same as they were previously)

Details of the changes to a document will be provided in the release notes. Any DMRB standards document that is already published will remain in its current format e.g. revision 0, revision 2 until next publication when it will change to having a version number in the format described above. 

Work is underway to develop a document maintenance process where standards are reviewed in full at least once every 5 years.

Clicking on the document reference/title within a search result will display additional information about the document.  

Along with core details, you will be presented with a list of related documents where these exist. Related documents will either be previous revisions of the same document, e.g. CD 116 Geometric design of roundabouts revision 0 where you have searched for CD 116 Geometric design of roundabouts revision 1; or previously published documents that were withdrawn, or partially withdrawn, when the successor document was published, e.g. TD 70/08 Design of Wide Single 2+1 Roads and TD 50/04 The Geometric Layout of Signal-Controlled Junctions and Signalised Roundabouts. 

Related documents were defined as part of the archive development and are identified through publications. 

If you spot any issues, please email us at

The DMRB structure and coding system

The reference used for DMRB documents comprises five characters, of which the first two are based on the location of the document within the new structure (i.e. combination of discipline and lifecycle codes) and the final three are a unique number allocated by the policy group responsible for the discipline to which the document is allocated.

The discipline structure and related codes are as follows:

  • General Principles & Scheme Governance ”G”;
  • Sustainability & Environment ”L”;
  • Civil Engineering ”C” (comprising road layout, pavement, structures and bridges, geotechnics and drainage);
  • Technology ”T” (comprising control & communications technology and road lighting).

The lifecycle structure and related codes are as follows:

  • General Information ”G”;
  • Appraisal ”A”;
  • Design ”D”;
  • Contract preparation "P";
  • Construction ”C”;
  • Maintenance & Operation ”M”;
  • Inspection & Assessment ”S”;
  • Disposal ”Z”.

As an example: ‘GD 304 - Designing health and safety into maintenance’

  • “G” indicates this document relates to the General Principles & Scheme Governance discipline
  • “D” indicates this document relates to the Design lifecycle



Historic DMRB documents and hints for searching the Archive

Before the launch of this newer style website in April 2020 where DMRB documents are grouped according to discipline and lifecycle, the DMRB was made up of separate volumes, with each being divided into a number of sections. Most sections were further sub-divided into parts. Documents were allocated to a volume, section and (for documents issued since 1992) part according to their subject matter.

DMRB documents were published with the discipline and lifecycle code from June 2018 and before this time, each document was given a reference number prefixed by a series code, i.e. BD, BA, GD, GA, HD, HA, TD, TA, nominally:

  1. ”B” for bridges and structures;
  2. ”G” for general;
  3. ”H” for highways; and
  4. ”T” for traffic engineering and control,

followed by:

  1. ”D” for design document; or
  2. ”A” for advice note.

The series codes BE (”Technical Memoranda - Bridges”) and SH (”Scottish Technical Memoranda - Highways”) were also retained until such time as all these older-style documents became superseded.

The full document reference was suffixed by ”/” and two digits indicating the year of publication (e.g. ”/08” for documents published in 2008). Where the year suffix was omitted, it should have been assumed that the current iteration of the document should have been used.

The previous DMRB structure also included certain older documents that have not yet been assigned a document reference and were retained until superseded.

The documents assigned to each volume, section and (where appropriate) part were also given a decimal reference to facilitate the location of specific documents within the DMRB. For example: DMRB 2.3.1 indicates the document was contained in Volume 2, Section 3, Part 1.


Older style DMRB documents published from February 2001 can be downloaded from the Archive section of the website: 

  • A space has to be used between the letters and the numbers when searching e.g. BD 78.
  • For design or advice documents with a number below '10', include the 0 in your search e.g. BD 01, GD 02.
  • For Interim Advice Notes with a number below 10, include '00' in the search e.g. IAN 001, and for a number above 10 but below 100, include '0' in the search e.g. IAN 069.